Visual Poetry And Beauty by Chris Orwig

Walking Inspiration…

If your’e an artist, business men, local surfer, teacher, mother, father or just a nomad that looking for some answers. Take this moment to watch and listen to this words by Chris Orwig at the TEDx America, 2011.

Strong words attached to simple, clean and story telling photographs. inspired and get inspired by others, it’s the world way to keep this routine of art. try something different and always know that theres beauty in each of us and all of us. the beauty is always around us, just need to stop and to listen to it.

The Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder.

Chris Orwig is a walking inspiration for a lot of established and emerging artists and photographers. Creating pictures that telling stories and as he always saying: “Visual Poetry”. Creating images of his family, friends, other inspirational people, surfers, musicians and what ever is beauty.

Chris was my instructor at Brooks Institute Of Photography and amazing how people are walking after him like a army of ants. Nonstop inspirational and motivating. passionate and spiritual. I got his book, he signed on it for memory and i got a few portraits of him with my RZ67 for memory.

Ill quote with his permission the introduction for the first part of his book: “Visual Poetry“:


“POETRY IS AS diverse as culture. certain poems are esoteric and abstract while others are concrete and easy to understand. And poems show up all over the place: in song lyrics, carved into the trunk of a tree, tattooed on the back of an arm, or spoken out lout at a cafe. Why then poetry and photography?

What the novelist says in 20,000 words, the poet says in 20. And after reading a poem we don’t just have more information, we have more experience. A good poem isn’t about reductionism. It is about reducing, simplifying, and deepening. A poem always gives more.

And poems are spare. With so little space, they require a distillation, which concentrates and intensifies their meaning and effect. Like evaporating seawater, where only the salt remains, those few lines communicate more. And the best photographs that i know follow this same trajectory”

This book is a 273 pages full with great photographs, guest speakers, inspirations, leading guides for better eye, creativity and techniques. The book shows how to See,Observe and Listen to the photograph, Abit from everything such as – portraits, kids, wedding, travel, action and outdoors, camera gear and how to become a professional.

Featuring great artists, Inspirations and photographers such as: Chase Jarvis, Erik Almas, Keith Carter, D&J Patitucci, Jeff Lipsky, John Paul Caponigro, Paul Liebhardt, Joe Curren, Ralph Clevenger, Todd Glase, Steve McCurry, Chris Rainier, Elizabeth Messina, Michael Costa, Jode Villa, Greag Lawer, Joyce Tenneson, Rodney Smith, Douglas Kirkland, John Sexton, Pete Turner and Marc Riboud.

In the near future i will post more about Chris.

Look on Chris WEBSITE follow him on Facebook, Twitter and his great and successful BLOG – flipside, where he sharing his recent work, family stories and inspirations.

and have you thought recently?

What or who is your inspiration?

Cheers and happy holidays,



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