My Intro/Bio Film by Michael Shainblum

Special thanks to Michael Shainblum for doing my “Intro/Bio” Short film. Me and him going to work on more stuff soon, so stay tuned. Michael is a brilliant SD/SB/LA based artist who have a rare eye to small details in stills and video. you guys should keep your eyes on him and of course checkout his Vimeo/YouTube channels for all his art pieces.

Once in a while i’m wondering how people are react to art and photography and to the process? The process is our journey, and it’s never ends. my concept is pretty obvious, and because i’m living days and nights this process i’ll share with you who am i? it’s just for you guys to know that an images we are not taking, but creating. it’s a bit more than 1 “click”.

Filmed And Edited By Michael Shainblum.

For contact details and more of his videos/art and photography check the below links.

cheers and thank you for watching,



2 thoughts on “My Intro/Bio Film by Michael Shainblum

  1. I actually planned to compose a small note to thank for you for some of the pleasant secrets you are showing on this website.

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