3 Editorials for SESSIONS Magazine – January 2012


Had a great contact with the magazine to publish 3 of my recent editorials.

“Solo En La Playa” featuring Marisha Shine in a wintery California day

“Jhordan” – Featuring Jhordan Dahl @ M Model Management in a retro street fashion session.

“Bad Girl Traning” – Featuring Mathieu Simo and Erica Catrina and been photographed in London in a cold winter day, but it was warm enough inside to catch a random scene at the END of the shooting day.

Each of the editorials got his own story behind it and a whole different perspective.

Jhordan and Marisha have a short video so look at them bellow!

Special thanks to the Makeup artists, Hair stylists and stylists on this shoots and really appreciate all the people energy, creativity and effort from London to California.

Mathieu Simo, Abida Parveen, Berenice Gallegos, FouFou.

Enjoy the images and please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further question.





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