Thought For The Year – Brilliant Harlan Ellison – PAY THE WRITER!

This interview with the writer Harlan Ellison about getting paid in the industry will always make me laugh. Because it’s true.

And it’s not only in photography as you see. it’s in all the sections of art. People made it too obvious that to pay for photos it’s non-sense and “everybody do it for free”, or “i’ll find someone else to do it”.

We are not selling photographs,we are selling a style and art that we are working everyday on to improve it and ourselves to bring to the clients better concepts, better imaginary and better quality. we are the photographes, paid for high-education, massive amount of money to print a nice books and to build a whole productions, gas and travel money, equipment that sometimes worth more than the production and the product itself. Hours of sitting infront of the computer to select,edit and retouch the images to make it look not from this world and that every person will buy the product or will say WOW. hours of pre- production,brainstorming, online time to build mood boards and references, emails to make sure that everything going well. every image was created by amazing crew and team including stylists, makeup and hair artists, location and each of them got his own creative brilliant mind that he/she put inside this image.

I’m always saying to the sophisticated clients: “Do you like Starbucks?”


“Do you pay $3.50 for their coffee everyday?”

– Of course.

“you came to me because you like my photography, and your’e asking to do it for free…make any sense?…would you go to Starbucks and get a free coffee?..NO!”

So please, if you respect photography and the art behind it, and loves a photographers work and like his style, know that he is doing way much more than “clicking on the shutter release”.


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