End of an Era – Expired Kodak…

Click here to read —> LA TIMES Article about Kodak’s bankruptcy announcement 

So no more Kodak?…no more fine sharp film?…interesting. would you change from CANON to NIKON?…the same as i dont want to change from KODAK to FUJI… mentality, use to it, know it and love it.

I photographed Evan Windom and Cheyenne Depree with a roll of an expired Kodak 400TMAX film. the licks,the dust, the scratches, the low contrast in the mid-tones, the sharp shadows and highlights, the tonality -> all this things are IMPOSSIBLE with digital. all those are in one click of 1/125th of a second and short development in darkroom.

Evan Windom, Portrait © Benjo Arwas

Cheyenne Depree, Portrait © Benjo Arwas

I wish that my 35mm canon 5d mark II sensor was expire to create this images. winning formula.

What do you think about it? would you buy today a roll of film, travel all the world with it? different temperatures, atmospheres, weather conditions and shoot with it couple of years later?…

Thanks to the great models and to Kristina Goldberg for the makeup, hair and company!





2 thoughts on “End of an Era – Expired Kodak…

  1. Beautiful pictures! I agree with you. Digital can sometimes imitate the consistency of film but it’s a fake anyways. The physical and chemical transformation of traditional photography through geography, temperatures and the toll of time gives this art a particular stature. When I read about Kodak, it popped into my mind an exhibition I saw in Amsterdam last Christmas. It displayed the parallel work of painters and photographers at the end of 19th century, and the way photography influenced oil painting. All the cameras, belonged to various famous artists, were all Kodak.


    • Carlo, thank you very much for your comment.
      and i just need to concur with every word that you said.

      Love your brilliant blog: “Brand Powder”.
      Keep me and my girlfriend, and im sure many others entertained and inspired.


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