Let The Shadows Speak… Celebrities In Film Noir/Hollywood glamour.

I don’t know how i got attracted to FILM NOIR, which is a cinematic definition for hollywood drama scenes, where the shadows are the main subject and than only partial of the scene being lighted. hi contrast black and white…dramatic.

I found it really fun as a still photographer, and found it better when i began to do a bit of cinematography and directing by myself.

placing the lights where ever i want, composition wise, creating story with the lights and than thinking about the models and their issues. lighen the fashion and the clothes separately from the whole scene, different angles. cinematic colors and hi contrast black and white. and overall to give it a nice hollywood, cinematic feeling.

The styling and the selection of the models is the most important thing. maybe sometimes you’ll need real actors rather than fashion/lifestyle models?…than you can begin and enjoy the ride.

Recently i worked on couple of projects with models and actors that based on this technique/style and i really liked it…maybe its a beginning of a new era for me? I like this kind of approach in studio and on location and really think it will fit the best for Celebrity portraiture. You will need to help me and decide…so what do you think?

Here are some examples from a whole productions that i made with this technique, style and feeling from the past weekend.

I had the opportunity to photograph couple of Actors/Artists in this style.

Let the shadows speak…

Klara Landrat and David Ravet

Amazing and scary how they improvised and ignoring my existence going around them with 3 different lenses to capture as much angles as i can.

Klara Landrat © Benjo Arwas

David Ravet © Benjo Arwas

Movie Scene in one frame © Benjo Arwas

Michelle O’Neil, Actress – Video

Michelle © Benjo Arwas

Peter Christian, Actor

Peter © Benjo Arwas

Iram T., Model

Iram © Benjo Arwas

Matt Perko, Photographer

Matt Perko © Benjo Arwas

Thanks to Berenice Gallegos for all the amazing makeup on this sets!

Click here to view her portfolio.

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Benjo Arwas.


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