Smile to the life, they will smile back at you. What am i doing here for god’s sake?

After couple of intense months of trying and discovering a style, or what am i doing here? or am i a real artist? or how do i hell got here?

I builded up a nice and growing portfolio at PHOTOVOGUE, on Italian Vogue website.

Some examples –

Recently, Vogue and ART + COMMERCE shook their hands and now they representing the portfolios of hundreds of photographers in editorial and advertising, as a stock agency.

well, i was never thinking that this is what i will do in my life…but probably i should just continue and do it.

Thank you ART + COMMERCE and Vogue for the opportunity and well appreciate the chance. from now on, every shoot that im doing is directed to be develop for this purpose, including my other submissions for magazines (which i already passes my goals for 2012 in  5 months).

Thank you for everybody that they are part of this ride that never ends and appreciate your creative brain and your emphasis and your believes in me. Agencies, Models, Makeup artists, Designers and Stylists, family and beautiful girlfriend. love you all. and its a nice beginning to unknown path and road.



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