Angles and Demons. Katie A @ LA Models

My apologize about big gap and delay between each post. just founding myself in a good way booking shoots every possible day and working a lot on publications before im leaving to Paris.

Had a great day shooting Katie Armijo @ LA MODELS at the back alley of my studio.

Was a great beautiful day outside so i decided to pull out my big black muslin and to put it against the alley walls. when the sun giving me a nice backlight, using only a reflector was a great solution and perfect using of natural light. We got a short editorial approach, some head shoots, short video and one of the photographs got picked up by Italian Vogue (PHOTOVOGUE) which thats great.

Sometimes i’m being bored of shooting in the studio, and im looking for different ways to entertain my brain and to use the right side of it.

Ive shoot with Katie before when she was with Pinkerton and we had great communication in getting the right mood + direction.

The great team:

  • Makeup and hair by: Berenice Gallegos
  • Styling by Cara Bloom

Angels And Demons By Benjo Arwas © 2012 from Benjo Arwas on Vimeo.

Thank you for taking your time and enjoy another day at my studio,




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