2 weeks in the city of lights – Paris

After 2 weeks of the city of lights, Paris, i realized how much this city is a libarary of inspiration – Design, Architecture, History, culture, tradition, language, people, music, fashion, style and on and on. its never ends.

i was in need of this kind of break from the californian waves and to reach to this kind of well done inspirational injection.

In the first 2 weeks i travelled the streets, wonder, got lost, discovered and still i am dont get how come the sunset is a bit late around 11pm(!!!). days as days, nights as days here. and you never get enough!

walking with a camera in the streets is like heaven for the photographer. everyone are part of your movie and your cast. everyone well dressed and ready for you to capture them. street photography is how i began my journey into photography. and this is literarily heaven for photographers.

Im et new people, made new connections, already got the opportunity to work with top model agencies here and great creative people!

Of course enjoying with Sidney as much as we can and together were making some self realization about everything from career, life, inspiration, people, etc..im glad and love the fact that i can share my stuff with someone that close to my heart here.

so here are some snap shoots from the past 2 weeks that already on my Art + COMMERCE // Italian Vogue stock images page.

Appreciate your time for reading it and please don’t hesitate to contact me for anything!

And for daily basis photo of the day / behind the scenes / moments / etc. follow on INSTAGRAM: @BenjoArwas

Cheers and happy summer.


One thought on “2 weeks in the city of lights – Paris

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