One Parisian Day With Paolo Wutrich

During my trip to Paris i luckily met a lot of talents and creative people.

One of them was Paolo Wutrich, Original from Brasil (my favorite country), but currently living in Paris and working his way up in the acting scene and commercial modeling.

Michele Catillon, my dear friend and amazing Parisian makeup artist that working at the historical,famous and luxury location called “STUDIO HARCOURT”, introduced him to me and said we must “setup a shoot”. But i don’t like that title “setup a shoot”.

I call it – “Lets meet Paolo, go to drink coffee, hangout in Paris, AND on the way, we will take some pictures.” (PS – just tell him to bring most of his wardrobe 🙂 )

So we met, we had couple of portraits in the studio on 4X5 polaroids that i was inspired by him to create them, because of the moment, the feeling, the vibes and how i saw him as a person.

Polaroids © Benjo Arwas

From the studio, we packed my camera, his clothes and we went up to Sacre-Coeur / Montmartre area the be in an artistic, inspired and great natural light location in Paris.

During our trip we had lots of rain,sun,clouds,wind,sun and more rain. the weird weather of Paris in August. WEIRD.

Paolo Wutrich © Benjo Arwas

Paolo Wutrich © Benjo Arwas

Paolo Wutrich © Benjo Arwas

Paolo Wutrich © Benjo Arwas

Paolo Wutrich © Benjo Arwas

Paolo Wutrich © Benjo Arwas

Of course i couldn’t hold my addiction for film. So i took each outfit on 1 B&W sheet of 4X5 to seal it in my book. Again, just a different way of photography  different feeling, and different interaction with the subject. It’s my happy an addiction.

4X5 B&W © Benjo Arwas

4X5 B&W © Benjo Arwas

4X5 B&W © Benjo Arwas

Im glad Michele introduced me to Paolo. we had to talk about lots of things, industry, art, creativity and life. we ended up drinking good Parisian coffee on the corner, to conclude everything, and to call it a day.

Thank you Michele and Paolo for a great day in Paris.

See you soon,


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