Pieces of 2015 and Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I just thought to do a little recap and to share all I had to say during 2015 in one more book/journal I crafted during the year.

Outtakes,Contact sheets, Polaroids, Art direction plans and ideas, Inspirations, Sketches and anything that was on my mind the past year. Hope you enjoy my journey.

As well – THANKS YOU everyone who been a part, contributed, shared his/her creativity and were a part of the creations in or out of my studio – talents, models, designers, makeup and hair, stylists, assistants, retouchers, agencies, PRs, magazine editors and countless people that I had the opportunity to collaborate and work with. I appreciate you all, and 2016 will be a new kick. Cheers!

Have a great year and come by to see the Journal in-person!

Link to the full journal from 2015.

More of the journals/in the making/process – #benjosjournals



Link to the full journal from 2015.

Stay in touch: WEBSITE / EMAIL Facebook Page / Twitter / @INSTAGRAM


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