Alex Andersen x Vulkan Magazine


Alex Andersen x Vulkan Magazine

Photographer: Benjo Arwas
Assistant: Brandon Wholihan
Stylist: Sandy Phan
Grooming: Tomoko Miyamoto
Set Design: Chris Theil
Retouching: Brooke Olesnavage

© Benjo Arwas Photography 2014 // @BENJOARWAS // http://www.benjoarwas.com4-42-3© Benjo Arwas Photography 2014 // @BENJOARWAS // http://www.benjoarwas.com3-2© Benjo Arwas Photography 2014 // @BENJOARWAS // http://www.benjoarwas.com7-3© Benjo Arwas Photography 2014 // @BENJOARWAS // http://www.benjoarwas.com5-46-3© Benjo Arwas Photography 2014 // @BENJOARWAS //

1 thought on “Alex Andersen x Vulkan Magazine

  1. Love the contrast in light, texture and captured emotion. Emotion is the hardest to capture without looking faked, he really pulled it out of Alex in a way not seen very often. Thank you for sharing!

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