Chloe Hayward x Anine Bing Lingerie


Chloe Hayward | Anine Bing Lingerie from Benjo Arwas on Vimeo.

Meet Chloe Hayward. Chloe is a model with a melodic voice and refreshing approach to individuality. Chloe emphasizes that whatever you wear on your body, it’s your personal possession. As a model, Chloe is extremely passionate about making sure young girls know it takes brews of makeup artists and re-touching to look a certain way (for the record these photos of Chloe are un-retouched). “It gives this idea that you look like that in real life and you don’t — it’s a fantasy,” she says. Chloe likes to wear lingerie she can “forget is even on” (which means it doesn’t irritate throughout the day). #ANINEBINGLingerie passed her test. #ANINEBINGStories

Photographer: Benjo Arwas
Designer: Anine Bing
Stylist: Katya Reily
Creative Director: Emma Sandvik
Producer: Nicole Scallan
Hair and Makeup: Tinna Empera & Miriam Nichterlein

Chloe Hayword was shot in NYC, 2017.
Super 8mm, Canon 310XL
Kodak Vision3 200T

anine-bing-lingerie-chloe-hayward2Chloe_Hayward_189Chloe_Hayward_311Benjo Arwas Studio - 2017

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