Angelina Jolin x Anine Bing Lingerie


Angelina Jolin | Anine Bing Lingerie from Benjo Arwas on Vimeo.


Meet Angelina Jolin. Angelina is a fashion editor, consultant, and producer with an inspiring zeal for life. She cites her mother as her style icon, and loves to meet new people and travel. Angelina craves quality and comfort, but refuses to compromise style for these two things. While photographing her, Angelina brought an infectious energy that had everyone on set smiling for hours afterwards. Angelina wears lingerie that makes her feel natural, which we’re happy to say ours does. #ANINEBINGLingerie #ANINEBINGStories

Photographer: Benjo Arwas
Designer: Anine Bing
Stylist: Katya Reily
Creative Director: Emma Sandvik
Producer: Nicole Scallan
Hair and Makeup: Tinna Empera & Miriam Nichterlein

Angelina Jolin was shot in NYC, 2017.
Super 8mm, Canon 310XL
Kodak Vision3 200T

Benjo Arwas Studio - 2017Anine_Bing_Lingerie_2017_2Benjo Arwas Studio - 2017Anine_Bing_Lingerie_2017_5Benjo Arwas Studio - 2017

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