Smashbox Studios + MOPLA Group show 2013

During MOPLA, which happened on the months April-May, There are several big curated shows, group shows and solo shows all over Los Angeles.

I had a great opportunity to be a part of the Smashbox Studios and MOPLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles) 2013 group show that was curated by The Lucie Foundation, Along side other amazing artists that inspired me and made me glad to be a part of it!

Here is a small article by the great art site FABRIK.LA that featuring my work as well.

Sophisticated, Benjo Arwas - Smashbox Studios, MOPLA 2013

Sophisticated, Benjo Arwas – Smashbox Studios, MOPLA 2013

The photograph is of Irina N., a Parisian Model i photographed in my trip there last year. I always looking for a random tweak I can add to my pictures if they are too boring for me. And once its affecting me,  I know it might affect another 20, 30 ,100 or 1000 people.

165482_492922197424427_1295346884_n 521941_640116712681570_1120995168_n


I printed it 16X20 and made it float, amazing job by Glenn from Reclaimed Frame, which I got to work with several more times later, and for sure in the future! Reasonable prices and he will do what you need and what you want. (2811 W. Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, California)

Thanks for all the people that came and saw the show in person, and all the online support, and special thanks to Lucie Foundation, MOPLA and Smashbox for having me.



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Style-ology Magazine, Issue 21 – MEN Vol. 3, April 2013

Style-ology Magazine Issue 21

  • Stylist: Wilford Lenov
  • Model: Jais Malcolm @ Wilhelmina Models, Los Angeles

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Morning Beauty #1

Stephanie Cook @ Kismet MGMT

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Satellite Magazine, March/April 2013 Cover Story

Click Here To View The Issue

The pleasure again of being featured in Satellite Magazine (Jay & Austin) and to get cover story and additional story (Josiah).

Thanks to the creative teams and to William the Editor-In-Chief for having us.

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Featured in “BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2012” by Photographer’s Forum Magazine


During 2012 i had some personal projects and photoshoots that i thought will be nice to try and submit them to photography competitions. I got discouraged many times by photo competitions, and losing them, but i guess that after a while it’s paying off.

I joined the 32nd Annual Photography competition of Photographer’s Forum Magazine and got into the finalists with 2 images. On in the B&W section and the other in Color section. I’m not a winner and not close to be, but it did promised me a place in a 9X12in’ hardcover book sponsored by SIGMA: “BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2012”.

Both photos are of Jessica A. @ Mayhem Model Management and i shoot them in totally different times of the year, randomly.

2013 is dedicated for specific creation, self development and to try and to get more accomplishments in the competitions and recognition aspect a long side by working and keep shooting with amazing people and my great team. Thank you everyone!




I Like Strong Black Coffee, And ART…

I am excited to share with the world my most recent hand-made book.

The whole book is based on thick canvas paper, re-photographs, textured papers, film negatives, cellophane and aluminium foil papers, polaroids, drawings and water/acrylai colors, crafts, and many more surprises.

Click here to view the album full screen on my website

The book is featuring Variety of test shoots, jobs and productions between January-June 2012.

I know online it’s the only way to share with the other side of the world, but everyone are more than welcome to come to my studio in Beverly Hills to view it in person.

Thank you for everyone was being a part of it or future to be a part of my next projects!