IPA 2013 – 6 Honorable Mentions

IPA (International Photography Award) is the most precious award in the Photo Industry (equivalent to the Oscars) and is a branch-sister of The Lucie Foundation.

A bit about the competition and the organization: The 2013 International Photography Awards received nearly 18,000 submissions from 104 countries across the globe. IPA is a sister-effort of the Lucie Foundation, where the top three winners are announced at the annual Lucie Awards gala ceremony. The Foundation’s mission is to honor master photographers, to discover new and emerging talent and to promote the appreciation of photography. Since 2003, IPA has had the privilege and opportunity to acknowledge and recognize contemporary photographer’s accomplishments in this specialized and highly visible competition.

I submitted 6 images for the IPA 2013 in 4 different categories: Fashion, Portraiture, Fine Art (Portrait) and Lifestyle.

All the shoots are “Outtakes” from my editorial/commercial or commissioned work. Non of them was prepared and It was just a half of a second that inspired me in the same moment to take this pictures. I call it my personal work, but I just starting to realize – it becoming my actual work and my actual passion.

All the 6 Images have received Honorable Mentions. I really want to thank everyone who have been a part of this journey, and still are a part of my current adventures and projects. Without this amazing souls around me that believes in me I don’t know if I was so motivated to do it. Creative teams, Models, Followers, Family, Friends and Sidney my amazing Fiance. All these creative souls are inspiring me everyday to create something new. Thank you. The journey is still long, and it never ends, in a different words: “Our journey, is our destination”. Always to keep the fire up and not to let go. Each step will be harder then the one we just pass, and the ups and downs are countless – hourly.

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Golden Camera Awards 2012

Recently i found online a competition, “The Golden Camera Awards”, which is a photo contest that presented and sponsored by the top guns such as: Leica, EPSON, M17 Contemporary Art Center, PHOTOCULT.

Golden Camera Award sponsors and partners

Golden Camera Award sponsors and partners

I thought it would be a nice idea to submit some of my recent fine art work and after nerve racking period of time while waiting, trying to translating Russian, contacting the curators and understanding whats going on in the M-17 Contemporary Art Center in Kiev, Ukraine, I got the “CONGRATULATIONS MAIL” and figured that I won 3rd Place in the “Professional-Fine Art” Category with my image I took in Paris, last year with amazing team and nice starting inspiration of William Shakespeare’s “Ophelia” and the current (Back in August 2012) Olympics…and thats how the name of the photo become: “Ophelia of the Olympics”.

Golden Camera Award 2012 - Benjo Arwas - "Ophelia Of The Olympics"

Golden Camera Award 2012 – Benjo Arwas – “Ophelia Of The Olympics”

Golden Camera Award 2012 - Certificate

Golden Camera Award 2012 – Certificate

Special Thanks to my team in Paris: Amazing Makeup artist and a dear friend – Michele Catillon, My dear friend and model Christine Aimee @ FentonMoon, Julia Savenko from PHOTOSCHOOL, Kiev and to the curator Dmitry Shovkoplyas for taking care of my image, print it and hanging it on the walls of the M17(!!!).

Luckily me, my picture got to be kind of promotion for the whole competition, exhibition, and event, and got featured in Art blogs, Magazines and promotion pieces. (Grateful)

Here are some behind the scenes photos (Courtesy of Golden Camera Award) from the opening ceremony/reception and the gallery. Unfortunately, I could’t be there physically, but I’m happy that my work made it far to the other side of the world. As an artist, this is what I wish and strive for myself all the time. Cheers!


More facts about the competition:

The award “Golden Camera” was established by the Kyiv Photography School in 2009. The competitor’s mission is first of all to create the platform for opening and promoting new names, to form the adequate assessment system of photographers’ skill as well as to support and to develop the photo art in Ukraine. The competition consists of such nominations as: “The Photographer of the Year”, “The Photograph of the Year”, “Photograph Series of the Year ” and Grand Prize of “Golden Camera” is awarded to the young Ukrainian photographers in the nomination “Discovery of the Year “.

Over 3000 professionals and amateurs of photography from 60 countries of the world participated in the International contest. Jury had really tough time reviewing more than 10000 photographs. Finally short list was worked out of 230 most talented works. It’s the first award of International level in Ukrainian history of photography. The award was introduced and organized by the oldest photography school in Ukraine – Kyiv Photography School.

International expert jury was represented by well-known photographers, cameramen, artists and art critics: Bogdan Verzhbitsky, Andreas Gertzau, Andrey Zharovsky, Evgeniy Zubenko, Igor Krivonos, Evgeniy Komarov, Alexander Lyapin, Alexandra Nabieva, Michael Pedan, Roman Pyatkovka, Iryna Ruzina, Konstantyn Sova, Anton Solomuha.

Bogdan Verzhbytsky, honored master of Arts in Ukraine, a jury panel member: «I would really like to emphasize on the proficiency and high level of skill of the photographs sent to the contest. Moreover, I would say that amateur photos were hardly behind the professional ones in the level. Trust me, it was a really formidable task to define the best in such a row of admirable photographs.”

Roman Pyatkovka, photographer, teacher of photography, winner of international awards, a member of the jury panel: «Unfortunately, Ukraine doesn’t have enough photo festivals and contests, not mentioning them being of an international level. It’s the first time I am judging in the Ukrainian contest of such scale. I do hope it will become annual».

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