FACTICE Magazine, Issue #17 February/March 2013

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  • Model: Anastassija @ Elite Models L.A.
  • Makeup and Hair: Lina Hang
  • Styling: Jen Summers
  • Assistant and Behind The Scenes: Sidney Kraemer
  • Featured Designers: Gypsy JunkiesRitual, Miss G Designs, Jonathan Burdine, Muneco, Muheeka, Sugarpuss, Roxy Contin Designs, NOA by Noa Cardelli Designs, Monica Wallway of Jan Hilmer

FACTICE Magazine, Issue #17 – “My Inner Demons” from Sidney Kraemer on Vimeo.

we put together another well prepared story featuring some amazing designers for Factice Magazine. It’s actually the 3rd time in a row (Since Issue #15) and already planning for Issue #18.

The shoot is mixed with film and digital processing. I attached some outtakes of Large Format Polaroids and 8X10 photographic paper I took during the editorial. I like to shoot with Large Format during these kinds of shoots, because then I have more time to slow down the pace, and focus more on the subject matter instead of all the surrounding pressure. I just get into my own world and start seeing the moment. Sometimes failure happens and sometimes there are happy accidents. Sometimes there are great results without any doubt. Its this journey that never ends and everyday I’m discovering new things by experimenting and making mistakes.

The light was consistant during the entire story; I used a beauty-dish with a diffusion cover as my key, half of my studio door open for the fill. and a back blue gel to add for the palette and the color atmosphere. Later in post I did my own magic by adding more of the ghosty and blurry feeling.

The team effort was great. Jen brought pulled some amazing stuff from several showrooms, and Lina added to the show with variety of skulls and props which added some spice to the story. The model casted was Anastassjia from ELITE Models L.A. It is always pleasure to photograph amazing creative people and strong warriors. Why warriors? Well, it was completely freezing that day, a total of 6 different makeup looks was created, and a definite patience and passion for the story was needed.

Sidney Kraemer made for me a nice feature Behind The Scenes video – Thanks Sid!!!

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