Meredith Bruner X Anine Bing Lingerie

Benjo Arwas Photography

Meredith Bruner | Anine Bing Lingerie from Benjo Arwas on Vimeo.

Meet Meredith Bruner. Meredith is a photographer, cancer survivor, and healthcare advocate. She is a kind, inclusive person whose drive to help others cannot be stopped. Meredith founded her non-profit, Pink Lemonaid, to encourage women to know their bodies and detect breast cancer early. “I did this project with ANINE BING because I want women to see that there is life after breast cancer, and that you can still be yourself and empowered.” Meredith wears lingerie because it makes her feel like herself. #ANINEBINGLingerie #ANINEBINGStories

Photographer: Benjo Arwas
Designer: Anine Bing
Stylist: Katya Reily
Creative Director: Emma Sandvik
Producer: Nicole Scallan
Hair and Makeup: Tinna Empera & Miriam Nichterlein

Meredith Burner was shot in LA, 2017.
Super 8mm, Canon 310XL
Kodak Vision3 200T

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