The Faint Hearted Jewlery Vol. I by Benjo Arwas

  • Photographer: Benjo Arwas
  • Model: Hannah Kirkelie @Wilhelmina
  • Hair & Makeup: Jadyn Ngo
  • Styling Assistant: Orit Metusal
  • Photography Assistant: Brandon Matthew

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All Denim for Fault Magazine

  • Photographer: Benjo Arwas
  • Hair: Juanite Lyon @ Celestine Agency
  • Makeup: Nicole Chew @ Art Department LA
  • Models: Milan, Daria, Charlee and Serena @ Photogenics LA
  • Styling : Matthew Hensley


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Photographer: Benjo Arwas @ DGREPS
Hair Juanita Lyon @ FR8ME
Makeup: Nicole Chew @ Art Department
Photographer’s Assistants: Justin Truong & Sara Strimpel
Post Production: Ashley Boxler


From boyfriend jeans to overalls, denim has found a way to stay relevant in every decade. Indigo is everlasting.

Meagan Lee by Benjo Arwas - Creem Magazine

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Anthony Greenfield Exclusive for The Fashionisto F/W 14′



Photographer: Benjo Arwas

Model: Anthony Greenfield @ LA Models

Stylist: Franzy Staedter

Grooming: Nicole Chew @ Art Department

Assistant: Justin Truong

Post Production: Ashley Boxler

Anthony Greenfield for The Fashionisto by Benjo Arwas

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“RAW DENIM” – Zink Magazine, Fall 2014

RAW DENIM – Zink Magazine – Fall 2014
Photographer: Benjo Arwas
Model: Meagan Lee @ Wilhelmina LA
Makeup and Hair: Nicole Chew @ Art Department
Styling: Lisa Bae @ REX Agency and Catlin Myers
Assistant: Justin Truong
Benjo Arwas for ZINK Magazine Fall 2014

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“Incandescent Winter” For MODO Magazine

“Incandescent Winter” by Benjo Arwas // MODO Magazine

photographer Benjo Arwas
models Kamila Alnes @ Wilhemina, Anthony Greenfield @ Wilhemina
stylist Vanessa Mancos
mua Cynthia Morelock
hair Kathryn Hoist

modo_BenjoArwas_IncandescentWinter_1 modo_BenjoArwas_IncandescentWinter_2 modo_BenjoArwas_IncandescentWinter_3 modo_BenjoArwas_IncandescentWinter_6 modo_BenjoArwas_IncandescentWinter_4 modo_BenjoArwas_IncandescentWinter_5


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Thee Denim Project – The Polaroids Book

Happy to share and announce my new book titled #THEEDENIMPROJECT. Each of us has a different definition for denim. We all have different opinions, taste, preferences and a point of view. We all come from different cultures and different religions, with many different backgrounds. I made this project as raw as I could, starting with large format black and white polaroids, in an effort to show what each of us thinks about  denim and its meaning. I asked several different agencies to tell the models to bring their favorite denim items. My main idea was to take a portrait of each model, and then accompany it with a mood shot or a close up of her denim – to show the two personalities and connect the dots between the person that wears the piece, to the actual piece, to the worlds take of the item. Some see denim as youth, some as sophisticated, some as fresh, edgy, cheap, expensive, for work, play, or fun. Its just the beginning of the project and there will be more to come.

Below I will show selected pages from the book, but, like anything, it doesn’t compare to seeing it in person. The book is only one part of the project, as I have 4X5 film sheets as well and many more formats and mediums that were a part of it.

Thee Denim Project by Benjo Arwas

Thee Denim Project by Benjo Arwas

Thee Denim Project by Benjo Arwas

Thee Denim Project by Benjo Arwas

Thee Denim Project by Benjo Arwas

Thee Denim Project by Benjo Arwas

Some Behind the scenes taken by Ali Olaes

Thee Denim Project BTS - Benjo Arwas_8 Thee Denim Project BTS - Benjo Arwas_16

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Thanks a bunch for all the hands and contributors!

  • Makeup and Hair: Satya Linak, Cynthia Morelock and Kat
  • Ali Olaes for helping all these days and taking behind the scenes footage
  • NEXT Models, Wilhelmina LA, Vision Los Angeles for the beautiful and great faces and personalities.
  • My best friend and Fiance, Sidney Kraemer, for kicking my butt and putting the book together in one piece and dealing with my craftmanship

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© All the rights reserved to Benjo Arwas Photography 2013/2014

Asa Dyer Sits For Benjo Arwas – The Fashionisto, August 2013



Shooting Asa – Wilhelmina Los Angeles model Asa Dyer connects with photographer Benjo Arwas for a new photo sitting. Styled in a rugged wardrobe of menswear essentials, ranging from distressed denim to a worn wife beater, Asa stuns, captured on film and in polaroids.


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Story from Maui – Christopher Harris For The Fashionisto Exclusive

Recently I was lucky enough to spent two beautiful weeks in Maui, Hawaii with my family and my Fiancee’s family for her sister’s wedding. While I was there, I couldn’t resist contacting Wilhelmina Hawaii and to see if they have any good faces for me to test while I’m there. Great communication and quick responses with the booker, Jenna, I got to add to my book a different vibe, landscape and background then the cold chilly ocean of California (no complains tho), I got to shoot Christopher Harris, and another model that I will share about later this month.

Most of the shoots are 35mm Film and B&W Polaroids. I really enjoyed the analog process this trip and very limited myself with digitals. Right now its a good timing to maintain that i’m working on a new scrapbook with illustrations, polaroids, contact sheets, collages and more surprises, and ALL from the trip to Maui, in the same concept of my other book – Black Coffee And Art, so stay posted about it.

And now for the little “Mauian” Summer story I got to shoot:

As featured on The Fashionisto – Click Here to view

Christopher Harris @ Wilhelmina Hawaii for The Fashionisto by Benjo Arwas

The Feelings I Thought About…KAPALUA. © Benjo Arwas

Kapalua–Summer calls us away to exotic travels as photographer Benjo Arwas visits Kapalua, Maui for his latest story. Hitting the beach with Wilhelmina Hawaii model Christopher Harris, Arwas plays with the image of the surfer; fresh and inspiring or one with the volatile nature of crashing waves.

Christopher Harris @ Wilhelmina Hawaii for The Fashionisto by Benjo Arwas

Christopher Harris @ Wilhelmina Hawaii for The Fashionisto by Benjo Arwas

Christopher Harris @ Wilhelmina Hawaii for The Fashionisto by Benjo Arwas

Christopher Harris @ Wilhelmina Hawaii for The Fashionisto by Benjo Arwas

Polaroids, The Fashionisto by Benjo Arwas

Polaroids, The Fashionisto by © Benjo Arwas

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Chris Brew For The Fashionisto Exclusive Portrait

As Featured in The Fashionisto-

In Between–Photographer Benjo Arwas sets his sights on Wilhelmina Los Angeles model Chris Brew for his latest photo series. Taking inspiration from Chris’ travels back and forth between Los Angeles and New York for modeling and now acting, Arwas captures a casual attitude.

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