Vivien James – Cover for ATLAS Magazine Issue #10

Photographer: Benjo Arwas @ DGReps
Model: Vivien James @ TWO Management
Stylist: Lisa Bae @ The Rex Agency and Catlin Myers
Makeup: Nicole Chew using MAC Cosmetics @ Art Department
Hair: Juanita Lyon Using Oribe Hair Care @ FR8ME
Assistant: Justin Truong
Post Production by Ashley Boxler

ATLAS Magazine - BRISK ISSUE Cover Story Photography by Benjo Arwas

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Remark Magazine March/April 2014

Click To View As Seen In Remark Magazine March/April 2014 – Pages 58-61

benjo_arwas_remark_6_57_1 benjo_arwas_remark_6_58_1 benjo_arwas_remark_6_60_1

Team Credits:

  • Model: Sabine @ Next Models, Los Angeles
  • Stylist: Vanessa Mancos @ DGREPS
  • Makeup: Phoebe Dawson @ DGREPS
  • Hair: Carina Tafulu @ DGREPS
  • Nails: Summer Bryant

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Video and Editorial for RUNWAY Magazine FALL 2013

Alabaster for Runway Magazine, Fall 2013 – Pages 17-22

Runway2013Fall-17 by Benjo Arwas


  • Styling: Jen Summers
  • Photo Assistant: William Navarro
  • Model: Ayanil @ Elite Models, Los Angeles
  • Hair: Carina Tafulu
  • Makeup: Crystal Martinez
  • Video: Ziyan Zhang

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Featured in PRACTICAL PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine August 2013

3 years ago, when I decided to make the trip from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles and go after my dream of studying photography and start somehow to move things around towards that dream, I had a connection flight stop-over in London. As any photographer, I went to WH Smith at the airport, you know,like Barnes and Noble here in the USA, but in Europe. I went straight to the section where it says: “Photography”.

After spending around 25 minutes in this stand and looking on all the new hot equipment, whats going on, Photoshop tips and some articles about inspiring photographers I decided to buy the one magazine with the most input for me. I picked: “PRACTICAL PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2011”.

The magazine is a large mixture of photo techniques, photo articles, inspirations, photoshop tips, old school and new school articles, guests, contests, equipment reviews, advertising for endless big camera and photo equipment company from Canon to Leica and all the other big guns. The magazine is Since 1959 and publish 13 times a year to +200,000 subscriptions and other thousands that getting it on the stands or pre-order.

I went to my flight to LA, read the articles, went through the amazing images, colors that I never seen in person of photographers from all over the world, stories, equipment reviews, and not to forget the “best way” to sharp images with the unsharp mask.

As well, I saw this section of “Gallery: Your Amazing Shots” which is a collection of 3-4 photographers from all over the world that sharing their stories about their work, and the inspiration of the picture they took. I never realized how the hell they submitting these, because I never saw any submissions email or whatever. I just forgot about it.

Almost 3 years later, after living in Los Angeles, emerging and building myself, doing mistakes, running in circles and shooting everything and anything like Paco from “The Good The Bad And The Ugly”, I got an email saying:

Hi Benjo,

Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is ******* and I’m a staff writer at Practical Photography magazine. I am emailing because I came across your images on ***** and I think they’d look great for our gallery feature! It’s aimed to inspire our readers across the globe with amazing photography. We do pay you for using the image and will send you a copy of the mag once it’s printed. I don’t know if my previous email to you got through but I thought I’d try again 🙂 I’ll attach screen grab of the shot we were interested in, and a spec sheet of what we’ll need from you.

Talk to you soon, and have a nice weekend! 

Staff Writer, Practical Photography

So, not only this magazine contacting me in person, but they want to pay me(!) jackpot.

Of course I told her my story about how I grabbed their magazine back in Heathrow Airport in London when i was on my when to make the dream happen, that caused me taking the photographs that I’m trying to take everyday. Ironic.

Practical Photography Magazine feature Benjo Arwas

So there we go, 3 years later, I get in the mail an envelope sealed from UK of “Practical Photography Magazine, August 2013” Issue, and see my picture in the section of “Gallery: Your Amazing Shots”. Ironic.

And I know that there are hundred of thousands of photographers and aspiring around the world now that stopping at the newsstands and looking for some news, inspirations and techniques in photography that purchasing this magazine. Well, its only $7, not bad for the large mixture of knowledge in 130 pages.

The image is of my fiancée, muse and best friend and talented photographer – Sidney Kraemer (lucky me). She always inspire me with her beauty and soft look, that I always bug her to photograph her. Once she let me photograph her just as part of my personal exploration and I captured all of her pure beauty. Besides the editors of Practical Photography Magazine loving it, it’s also got right now hanged in the CAL (Coastal Art League) Museum and Gallery at the International Kellicut Annual Photo Show 2013, San Francisco, and soon to be hanged in Calumet, San Francisco, but thats another blog post that i will write about soon. So if you are in the bay area, do me a favor and send me a picture? 🙂

Thanks to Sidney for her beauty, and thanks to Practical Photography Magazine for making a step in my dreams and showing that what goes around comes around.

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Golden Camera Awards 2012

Recently i found online a competition, “The Golden Camera Awards”, which is a photo contest that presented and sponsored by the top guns such as: Leica, EPSON, M17 Contemporary Art Center, PHOTOCULT.

Golden Camera Award sponsors and partners

Golden Camera Award sponsors and partners

I thought it would be a nice idea to submit some of my recent fine art work and after nerve racking period of time while waiting, trying to translating Russian, contacting the curators and understanding whats going on in the M-17 Contemporary Art Center in Kiev, Ukraine, I got the “CONGRATULATIONS MAIL” and figured that I won 3rd Place in the “Professional-Fine Art” Category with my image I took in Paris, last year with amazing team and nice starting inspiration of William Shakespeare’s “Ophelia” and the current (Back in August 2012) Olympics…and thats how the name of the photo become: “Ophelia of the Olympics”.

Golden Camera Award 2012 - Benjo Arwas - "Ophelia Of The Olympics"

Golden Camera Award 2012 – Benjo Arwas – “Ophelia Of The Olympics”

Golden Camera Award 2012 - Certificate

Golden Camera Award 2012 – Certificate

Special Thanks to my team in Paris: Amazing Makeup artist and a dear friend – Michele Catillon, My dear friend and model Christine Aimee @ FentonMoon, Julia Savenko from PHOTOSCHOOL, Kiev and to the curator Dmitry Shovkoplyas for taking care of my image, print it and hanging it on the walls of the M17(!!!).

Luckily me, my picture got to be kind of promotion for the whole competition, exhibition, and event, and got featured in Art blogs, Magazines and promotion pieces. (Grateful)

Here are some behind the scenes photos (Courtesy of Golden Camera Award) from the opening ceremony/reception and the gallery. Unfortunately, I could’t be there physically, but I’m happy that my work made it far to the other side of the world. As an artist, this is what I wish and strive for myself all the time. Cheers!


More facts about the competition:

The award “Golden Camera” was established by the Kyiv Photography School in 2009. The competitor’s mission is first of all to create the platform for opening and promoting new names, to form the adequate assessment system of photographers’ skill as well as to support and to develop the photo art in Ukraine. The competition consists of such nominations as: “The Photographer of the Year”, “The Photograph of the Year”, “Photograph Series of the Year ” and Grand Prize of “Golden Camera” is awarded to the young Ukrainian photographers in the nomination “Discovery of the Year “.

Over 3000 professionals and amateurs of photography from 60 countries of the world participated in the International contest. Jury had really tough time reviewing more than 10000 photographs. Finally short list was worked out of 230 most talented works. It’s the first award of International level in Ukrainian history of photography. The award was introduced and organized by the oldest photography school in Ukraine – Kyiv Photography School.

International expert jury was represented by well-known photographers, cameramen, artists and art critics: Bogdan Verzhbitsky, Andreas Gertzau, Andrey Zharovsky, Evgeniy Zubenko, Igor Krivonos, Evgeniy Komarov, Alexander Lyapin, Alexandra Nabieva, Michael Pedan, Roman Pyatkovka, Iryna Ruzina, Konstantyn Sova, Anton Solomuha.

Bogdan Verzhbytsky, honored master of Arts in Ukraine, a jury panel member: «I would really like to emphasize on the proficiency and high level of skill of the photographs sent to the contest. Moreover, I would say that amateur photos were hardly behind the professional ones in the level. Trust me, it was a really formidable task to define the best in such a row of admirable photographs.”

Roman Pyatkovka, photographer, teacher of photography, winner of international awards, a member of the jury panel: «Unfortunately, Ukraine doesn’t have enough photo festivals and contests, not mentioning them being of an international level. It’s the first time I am judging in the Ukrainian contest of such scale. I do hope it will become annual».

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3 Editorials for SESSIONS Magazine – January 2012


Had a great contact with the magazine to publish 3 of my recent editorials.

“Solo En La Playa” featuring Marisha Shine in a wintery California day

“Jhordan” – Featuring Jhordan Dahl @ M Model Management in a retro street fashion session.

“Bad Girl Traning” – Featuring Mathieu Simo and Erica Catrina and been photographed in London in a cold winter day, but it was warm enough inside to catch a random scene at the END of the shooting day.

Each of the editorials got his own story behind it and a whole different perspective.

Jhordan and Marisha have a short video so look at them bellow!

Special thanks to the Makeup artists, Hair stylists and stylists on this shoots and really appreciate all the people energy, creativity and effort from London to California.

Mathieu Simo, Abida Parveen, Berenice Gallegos, FouFou.

Enjoy the images and please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further question.