I Like Strong Black Coffee, And ART…

I am excited to share with the world my most recent hand-made book.

The whole book is based on thick canvas paper, re-photographs, textured papers, film negatives, cellophane and aluminium foil papers, polaroids, drawings and water/acrylai colors, crafts, and many more surprises.

Click here to view the album full screen on my website

The book is featuring Variety of test shoots, jobs and productions between January-June 2012.

I know online it’s the only way to share with the other side of the world, but everyone are more than welcome to come to my studio in Beverly Hills to view it in person.

Thank you for everyone was being a part of it or future to be a part of my next projects!



Paris Retrospective // Film By Keith Lancaster

Paris Retrospective // film by Keith Lancaster from Benjo Arwas on Vimeo.

During my recent trip to Paris, my girlfriend, Sidney Kraemer (http://www.sidneykraemer.com), took a footage of me shooting around the city as well as behind the scenes pieces and Keith Lancaster (http://www.siignal.com) followed me to document my photography ,my thoughts ,and my journey and put it all together to create this video piece. I wasn’t ready and wasn’t prepared, but the best stuff happens when your’e not ready, right?

So thank you Keith for the great opportunity to visually share my thoughts and thank you Sidney for always being there for me.
Thanks to all the teams, creative people and talents: Michelle Catillon, Davide Pereira Palos, Katia Ren, Raquel Crispim, Marianna Giordana, Christine Aimee, Coppelia Pique, Metropolitan Models, and all the other colleges that help and were around from Brooks Institute. PS- the person that sold me the 4X5 in the US, thanks sooo much!


deFUZE Magazine, October 2012 // “Easy Like Sunday Morning”

“Easy Like Sunday Morning” – Fashion editorial/story i recently photographed while staying in Paris. As well, attached interview by deFUZE Magazine for October 2012 Issue #7.


Working again with the great Parisian team –

  • Christine Ai @ FentonMoon, NYC
  • Makeup: Michele Catillon
  • Hair: Davide Pereira Palos
  • Styling: Raquel Crispim

Easy Like Sunday Morning © Benjo Arwas

Easy Like Sunday Morning © Benjo Arwas

Easy Like Sunday Morning © Benjo Arwas

Easy Like Sunday Morning © Benjo Arwas

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Thank you everyone for the creativity and motivation!