Halston Heritage Spring 2017

  • Photographer: Benjo Arwas
  • Styling: Karolyn Pho
  • Hair and Makeup: Miriam Nichterlein
  • Photo Assistant: Brandon Wholihan

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Thrifty Hunter Magazine Spring 2014

Click here to view Thrifty Hunter Magazine Spring 14 Issue

  • Models: Jessica R. and Julia G. @ NEXT LOS ANGELES
  • Makeup: Kristina Goldberg
  • Hair: Briana Cisneros
  • Assistant: Victor Zuidema
  • Retouching: Grace Kathryn

Thrifty Hunter.Spring.cover.FinalProof25_1 Thrifty Hunter.Spring.cover.FinalProof26_1

Some other outtakes from the set:

Benjo Arwas for Thrifty Hunter Magazine Benjo Arwas for Thrifty Hunter Magazine Benjo Arwas for Thrifty Hunter Magazine Benjo Arwas for Thrifty Hunter Magazine

Jessica Roffey_0010_1

Film outtake of one of the looks on Jessica Roffey

And like always natural capture of the models:

Julia Goncharenko @ Next by Benjo Arwas Jessica Roffey @ Next by Benjo Arwas

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Remark Magazine March/April 2014

Click To View As Seen In Remark Magazine March/April 2014 – Pages 58-61

benjo_arwas_remark_6_57_1 benjo_arwas_remark_6_58_1 benjo_arwas_remark_6_60_1

Team Credits:

  • Model: Sabine @ Next Models, Los Angeles
  • Stylist: Vanessa Mancos @ DGREPS
  • Makeup: Phoebe Dawson @ DGREPS
  • Hair: Carina Tafulu @ DGREPS
  • Nails: Summer Bryant

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Summer Story for LIVID Magazine and SESSIONS Magazine, April 2013

SESSIONS Magazine, Issue #12

LIVID Magazine, Issue #5

Team Credits:

  • Model: Leia Contois @ Vision Models, LA
  • Styling: Jen Summers
  • Makeup and Hair: Berenice Gallegos
  • Retouch: Yossef Atias

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FACTICE Magazine, October 2012. “FALL BLOOMING”

Click here to view -> FACTICE MAGAZINE ISSUE #15

One of my favorite stories i have done so far.

The model’s beauty, used all natural light on location, the featured designers and style,and the large format photography all just merged into a well done story.

The featured designers are The world wide respected French-Canadian couturier Lloyd Klein, Tony Cohen and Monique Conllignon.

All the story has been shoot on 4X5 film and Polaroids, with natural light studio we built outside of my studio. Fun day. The 4×5 camera movements allowed me to play with the plane of focus and to tilt and shift the focus as you can notice in some of the images.

Factice Magazine © Benjo Arwas

Factice Magazine © Benjo Arwas

Factice Magazine © Benjo Arwas

Factice Magazine © Benjo Arwas

Factice Magazine © Benjo Arwas

Factice Magazine © Benjo Arwas

Factice Magazine © Benjo Arwas

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I invited Joe Berhosky (www.joeshoostme.com), an extra ordinary photographer that shooting 8X10 wet plates in collodion process and B&W paper negatives, to create couple of photographs  in his technique and perspective. turned out brilliant and it’s going to be featured in a magazine on upcoming November, i will add the link here and examples as soon as it’s out. Thank you Joe for your participation.

As for the team, Berenice Gallegos, the brilliant makeup and hair stylist played each outfit with a different touch and style for the hair, using flowers and props to add more feeling for the “Blooming” and the color palate. Jordan Swain and Esther Kang made a well done styling pull from Tony and Monique that just fitted into the background and filled the story with great color palate of the complementary colors – green/magenta.

I cast adorable Noora Lappi with the Finish/Nordic bone structure from Pinkerton Models, La / ELITE, NYC to join me again, after working with her before with the team in editorial we shoot in Palm Springs a month earlier. we enjoyed her vibes and her look and really wanted to make another story specific with her.

Sidney Kraemer and Nick Korompilas were my assistants and were running on set building the studio outside and took the 4X5 stress off of me by heading me holders, changing film, loading and marking. well appreciate! Eventually Nick made a behind the scenes video to memorize the day.


Polaroid by Joe Berhosky shoot at the end of the day. Left to Right: Berenice, Noora, Jordan, Esther, Sidney, Benjo, Nick © Joe Berhosky

Thank you everyone for good times and for the artistic creative vibes.